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“We had an incredible guide who had extensive knowledge of Patagonia…highlights include the asado and traditional foods in the houses of locals. We had a warm welcome everywhere. If we go to South America again, Teithiau Tango will be organising!”
Tomi Jones, Carol Evans and Mary Evans
Easter Tour, 2019
“Exactly the right mix of Welsh history and amazing scenery and wildlife that we hoped it would be”
Gwenda and Andy Sippings
Iolo Williams Tour, 2018
“The holiday experience of a lifetime: unforgettable! The Welsh aspects of the tour were exceptional – seeing the enthusiasm of the children was humbling”
Catherine and Peter Bramley
Trevelin Birthday Tour, 2018
“For us from Wales, Welsh-Patagonia was an incredible place. To see so much Welsh influence so far away – it was a highly emotional experience”
Huw and Mary Lloyd
Eisteddfod y Wladfa, 2018
“This was the first time for me to travel abroad alone. I know now I had no cause for concern. The programme and my fellow travellers made this as incredible experience”
Gareth Owen
Easter Tour, 2019
Patagonia people were so, so proud of their Welsh heritage. I wish the World could take a 'leaf from their book' and be so proud of life. The whole trip was magical and amazing. Our group was wonderful. Isaias was SO knowledgeable and we could feel how much he loved Patagonia and the Andes. We plan to meet up together soon! Nigel Parry was non-Welsh Speaking but joined in with fun and warmth. I - Caroline, began to 'think' in Welsh! and wanted to speak to Nigel in Welsh also!! I MISS Y WLADFA!!
Nigel & Caroline Parry
Easter Tour, 2019
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