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We love Welsh Patagonia!....

We’re so proud to work with very knowledgeable guides and tours leader from Patagonia that will show you the culture, history and the people with dedication and professionalism.  All our guides and tour leaders are fluent in Spanish and Welsh and some of them are learning English!  Meet some of our specialist guides and tour leaders:

Alejandro Jones

I am Alejandro. I was born in Cwm Hyfryd, Trevelin, in Patagonia. I am a farmer from a family of farmers, a musician from a family of musicians, and I am very proud to be a descendant from the first Welsh to come over on the Mimosa. 5 generations of my family have lived in the area, and they have farmed the same land since 1887. Welsh culture is very important to me, as is Argentine culture. Our forefathers were gauchos, hard people who had made their lives out of nature, who could teach horses, who knew the priarie and who kept the Welsh language alive as a way of life. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to show you the history, geography and the people in Patagonia!!!!

Clare Vaughan

I’m Clare. Born and bred in north-east Wales I followed some years of teaching in a big secondary school by coming out to teach Welsh here in Patagonia through the Welsh Language Project run by the British Council …and 13 years later I am still here. I am still working with the Project but also training English teachers and co-ordinating tour groups.
I speak Welsh, English and Spanish and will be on hand as we travel around Chubut to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible so look forward to meeting you very soon!
I love the Province of Chubut and hope to share with you the culture and beauty of this historical region and help you to enjoy the marvels of this corner of the world.

Isaias Grandis

Isaiah Grandis comes from Patagonia and lives in Llanddarog, Carmarthen with his wife Eluned and his two little children (Eluned lectures Welsh at Trinity Saint David’s Carmarthen and Swansea, she worked as a Welsh teacher in the Andes, Patagonia for over five years). Isaiah learned Welsh as an adult in extra-curricular classes at Ysgol Gymraeg yr Andes, Patagonia and he won the Learner of the Year competition at the National Eisteddfod of the Vale of Glamorgan 2012. He has been teaching Welsh as a tutor for over 10 years at Trevelin, the Wladfa. He is fluent in Welsh, Spanish and is currently learning English! He is a minister in the Welsh chapels of Adulam Felinfoel, Salem Llangennech and Zion of Llanelli but before that he preached for six years in Welsh and Spanish in the Welsh Chapel of the Andes where he was ordained (Bethel Trevelin and Seion Esquel). He is a member of Gorsedd y Wladfa and Gorsedd y Beirdd Cymru. He is Senior Tourist Technician.
He loves Welsh History and Patagonia and enjoys guiding people around the Welsh Settlement in Chubut!

Alin Ial Jones

I’m Alun. I am from Trevelin in the Andes but I live in Neuquén in north Patagonia. I am the 6th generation Welsh-Argentinian – I am very proud of my Welshness. I own my own brewery; a brewing teacher and qualified guide and I especially enjoy guiding group tours. I am fluent in Welsh, English and Spanish. I am happy, energetic, funny, knowledgeable and passionate about Welsh-Patagonian culture – I can’t wait to teach you more about this little Wales away from Wales!

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