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About Us

We are Angeles and Aled and we are the owners of Teithiau Tango, Aberystwyth. We live locally in Aberystwyth – Aled is from Llangwyrfon and I (Angeles) am from the north of Argentina. We met in Argentina – I was finishing my studies as a lawyer in Rosario and Aled was travelling in Argentina as well as fulfilling his lifetime dream of going to Patagonia. Three years later, we got married and moved to live in Aberystwyth.

For our wedding, 36 Welsh people came to celebrate with us in Argentina, and for our honeymoon, we organised for them all to go to Patagonia, to experience the thriving Welsh culture there. We felt truly inspired and humbled by the Welsh-Patagonians, who all those years ago never gave up working the barren land, and who – 8000 miles from home – never gave up on their language and culture and we wanted our friends to see it for themselves. We had such fun organising this holiday that we decided to take the next step – to create a family business combining our love for Welsh-Patagonia, our passion for Wales, our enjoyment of holiday planning and our Welsh-Argentinian expertise to organise group tours to this incredible part of the world.

So, in 2009, we began Teithiau Tango, working from home. That year, we also welcomed our first daughter, Mari. As our business grew, we moved to an office in Aberystwyth and began to expand to offer shared group tours to Latin America. Iago and Ioan, our twin boys, arrived in 2012 to complete our family. Aled speaks Welsh, English and Spanish. I speak Spanish and English and I am learning Welsh, so in our very busy household you can hear a mixture of Welsh, Spanish and English being spoken at any time!

Celebrating 10 Years

This year, we are delighted to be celebrating 10 years of our family business Teithiau Tango – 10 years during which we have successfully arranged holidays for hundreds of happy travellers who have received an incredibly warm welcome by our friends in Patagonia, become partners of the Patagonia Instrument Project and supported the development of the Welsh language by funding teachers to teach in Ysgol Gymraeg y Gaiman and by fostering connections between schools, societies and universities in Patagonia and Wales. During this time we have seen numerous changes in Patagonia too – Ysgol yr Hendre Trelew celebrated its 10th birthday in March 2016 with the number of pupils rising from just 5 in 2006, to almost 90 today, we are seeing more and more Argentines that are completely fluent in the Welsh language, Ysgol Gymraeg y Gaiman opened its doors as a bilingual school in 2015, and following an admirable effort by the Welsh community in the Andes region, the bilingual Ysgol y Cwm was built and opened in 2016, in Trevelin.

As we celebrate 10 years, we look forward to many more years of providing excellent customer service, knowledge and expertise in the organisation of successful tours to Patagonia, in doing so sharing with you this beautiful part of the world that is so meaningful to us as a Welsh-Argentine family.

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